Day 1

The Tokyo flight wasn't too bad, only got 3-4 hours sleep though. The Japanese lady that sat next to me on the plane was really nice and chewed my ear off a little bit, but not in a bad way. She helped me to get train tickets sorted out and made I it to the hostel ok, but it was 33 degrees and about 90% humidity or something so was pretty drenched. The hostel is in Asakusa which is like an old town area and it's pretty nice, but a little worn. It's out of the busier areas though so there's pretty much no noise at all. So I cooled off in the hostel for about 2 hours, went and got some food sorted out and eventually went to Harajuku with an Irish guy from the hostel. There's a big temple and park so it was a little bit cooler there. We cruised around for about 4-5 hours and also went to Shibuya (that big crazy intersection you see on tv). I was getting pretty hungry, tired and shitty and this point so we got some Maccas as it was surprisingly hard to find decent food around there.

I was back at the hostel thinking it would be three beers and an early bed, but got invited to a bucks night with a bunch of guys from Aberdeen Uni in Scotland (including 3 aussie guys and girl). Found some cool tiny little bars but with a group of about 9-10 we couldn't even fit in. Did about 3-4 rounds of pints and shots and headed to the red light district (with the buck dressed in a frog suit. Think Kermit, not navy diver). Paid way too much to see way too little (i.e. nothing) and managed somehow to get a cab home about 3.

Woke up to another hot day, and have so far wasted half of it. But I needed the sleep in and it's a public holiday today anyway, so there will be a lot of people around. It's a bit cooler today too. Thinking I will go to the Imperial Palace and check out the crazy electronics district and if I get up early enough tomorrow I'll be trying to go to the Tsukiji fish market about at about 5-6am.