Day 2

I thought I'd wander around Asakusa today and try and find some decent food places. Found a supermarket and bought about 200g of nuts for about $10aud. Walked through the markets and checked out the temple and people lighting incense which was pretty cool, they're respectful people. Finished it off with a lemon snow cone, which was fucking awesome. Saw some souveneir (?) stuff that I might grab. Took me about an hour to get to Akehibura (?) cause the trains were out, but made it eventually to Electric Town. This place has every bit of technology, computer gear, Dvds, J-Pop CDs, Manga Dvds and games and comics ever made (including sega genesis, dreamcasts, game boy games, ps1 stuff, original xboxes etc). I really started to enjoy myself here, might have had something to do with the hangover wearing off and my first coffee since Saturday. Not to mention the APPLE VINEGAR Kit Kat. So good. Spent the afternoon checking out the tech stores and reading manga porn, some of these people are really fucked up! Bought one of the more G rated ones for fear of customs taking it off me somewhere along the way. Took a whole bunch of photos, attached.

Sat down to watch one of the hawkers out the front of his shop rap his discounts and specials, took a little video. The Chinese guy sitting on the gutter next to me is from Caringbah...chatted to him for about 15 mins and he helped me out with directions. Still got lost and lost my map too, I've found Tokyo to be really confusing. There are no landmarks to get your bearings because it's so massive and built up, I just use the map and the station I used as my centre, doesn't always work.

Had dinner out with the boys from Aberdeen (of which none are actually Scottish) which was tops, I think we were the first westerners to set foot in the place by the looks on the faces of the other customers. Pics attached of the restaurant. Complete lack of Japanese on our side and English on theirs, but the guy knew 'fish' and 'chicken' and 'rice' so you can't really go wrong.

Tomorrow is Imperial Garden, Shinjuku and possibly Tsujiki market if tonight finishes quite early.

Also attached is a photo of the frog suit before application, worth about $100aud. Complete with 4 fingered frog gloves!