Day 3

So I ditched getting up early for the fish markets and spent the better half of the day getting lost in Shinjuku instead. Some of it was familiar from going out the other night but I still got disoriented a lot. It doesn't help that each map on the side of the road is turned to match the way you are facing, noone really knows north/south by the looks of it. There are also about 7 stations there or something ridiculous. While standing off to the side an oldish Japanese guy asked if I needed help, and in return after giving me directions he pulled out a form written in English for me to explain to him. Try explaining what army reserves is in simple terms to Japanese! He was cool though.

Apart from that Shinjuku is very busy and full of shops, didn't really check any out apart from a big stationary (?) store and another electronics store. It's not much cheaper here if at all for most of that stuff. Took lots of photos of locals, most in skirts. It was raining most of the day, kind of like London rain...light enough to ignore but you end up getting soaked. It's a bit cooler and had to ditch going up their tower to lookout because I looked at it and half of it was covered with cloud.

Got back to the hostel about 4 and sat around for a bit and then walked around the local area in Asakusa taking photos. I'm not sure if an election is coming up or something but there's always these vans driving around with people in them talking crap on a loud speaker, none of the locals ever bat an eyelid though. Weird. So in short I basically walked and caught the train all day but didn't really see anything of note, just got a bit more used to how they do things here.

Yesterday someone jumped in front of a train on the Ginza line, apparently it was a public holiday and people off themselves cause they have no work to do? The sign in the station said 'suspended due to medical emergency'. I wondered how many pieces of the guy they attended to.

Off to Kyoto for 4 days tomorrow on the Shinkansen (bullet train). The food thing in the photo below was some cake thing. It was sweet, but it was cheddar cheese flavour. Surpringly good with a can of cold cafe au lait.