Day 4

Tuesday night was spent kicking around Asakusa with Fammy, a Nigerian guy living in Aberdeen. We went to the hostel bar for a bit, talked to this crazy Japanese-Kiwi girl bartender called Ai and went back to the hostel. Bought a few beers at 7-11 on the way and watched weird Japanese tv shows before catching up with the rest of the boys (Irish Chris, Canadian Chris, Germans Ralph and The Baron) and then bed. For the first time I didn't need to wake up early, I did. Heard about the solar eclipse the night before from the kiwi girl in my room, she planned to be here for the eclipse and it was cloudy ad rainy. Looked good on tv though.

Made my way to Tokyo station to catch the Shinkansen to Kyoto, cost me ¥12,710 which is about $170aud. Expensive but it doesn't really matter. The service is the Nozomi SuperExpress, it's pretty quick but didn't feel as fast as the TGV.

The guy across from me in his mid 50s was reading a normal magazine and there was a sealed section in the middle with naked chicks. There seems to be a really weird, unspoken sexuality undercurrent. The place seems very male dominated, maybe that's why.

Kyoto is amazing. I got in at about 3:30 and I'm staying in a hostel/guesthouse and it's in the Gion district. Some women walk around in traditional dress and i've seen a few Geisha around as well. The owner of the hostel Yashi took everyone out for a walk and for dinner, he and I talked crap about oz because he lived in tassie for 4 years. Saw a lot of temples and the streets of Gion. Took a heap of photos.

The name of the hostel is Ichensou, which is a Zen term about complete circles. That's the only real way to describe the city, so calm and I actually experienced complete silence apart from birds for the first time in Japan. 4 days here will be really relaxing. Could also be my new 'want to live there' city. Goodbye Montreal.

It's a much different vibe to Tokyo. I think tomorrow will be walking and temples, Friday will be a pushy around town and monkey visit.