Day 8

Number of times hitting my head: 7 Started the day early when two Japanese women in my room decided to turn off the AC in the room when leaving. Thanks a lot!

The guy who helps Yashi at the hostel clean etc also makes organic bread each morning. On Saturday I was telling him how good it was and he said wasn't making any for the next morning because Yashi's mum had bought it all of the next lot, but he took two rolls and gave them to me as a gift. Nicest people ever.

Went for a wander through the shopping section of Kyoto near Kawaramachi but on Sundays the shops don't open until 11. Sat and had an ice coffee and wrote a blog until then. It was really hot, but alternating between sunny and absolutely bucketing down. Went kit-kat shopping but could only find mango, soda and soy bean flavour. Bought some and will search for more in Tokyo.

Went back to the hostel and got my stuff and headed to the station. My Kyoto train connection was delayed and it was so hot I was basically pouring out. It was somewhat comforting to see the locals in the same boat though. They are more prepared than me though, they walk around with towels around their necks.

Scored some sandwiches a Kyoto station and got the Shinkansen Hikari SuperExpress back to Tokyo. They are so polite that the ticket inspector even bows when entering or leaving the carriage each time. The trip itself is pretty forgettable, apart for some fleeting ocean views. Not sure how fast they go or how long they are but a passing train is gone in about 2-2.5 seconds....reasonably quick.

Couldn't find my hostel in Asakusabashi thanks to google maps being lame. Ended up asking a guy on the street who used his own phone and called the hostel, and then drove me there. That's how awesome the Japanese are.

Left the hostel about 5ish ready to walk until my feet bled. Did Akihabara where I bought a new 8Gb CF card just in case, cost me about $160 but could have got a cheapo brand for about $60. On to Shinjuku where I went up one of the twin Tokyo governmentt buildings which has an observation deck on floor 45. Like Centrepoint, but free and nicer.

Tokyo really made sense to me this time, but I did take pretty painstaking attention to which way I got out of the stations and in which direction I was facing at all times.

From there I went down to Shibuya where I walked for about 3 hours. Visited HMV and Tower Records for more music discovery and took a heap of photos around town. Walked down to Manhatten Records which was hiphop only really, but also finally found some wicked graffiti. Took stacks of photos. Stickers, stencils and spray paint everywhere, had the biggest smile on my face walking out of there. Ended my Tokyo experience by sitting in Shibuya Starbucks a la Lost in Translation and having a Lemon Green Tea Ice frapuccino or something. Sat for a while and watched a relatively quiet Sibuya Crossing for about 25 minutes and then headed back to the hostel for an uncomfortable nights sleep 'japanese style'.