Day 9

Woke up about 6:30 and packed my bag, had my first shower in about 36 hours and left the hostel. The trip to Narita wasn't as easy as I hoped but I got there in the end. On the way I stopped at a platform kiosk and found Plum Soda, Lemon Vinegar and Green Tea Kit Kats. Bought heaps to send home, plus some Strawberry Crunkys...whatever they are. While waiting for a KeiSei train to the airport at Funabashi I was literally drenched with sweat so I got myself a Grapefruit flavoured California Fanta World drink. It has the awesomeness of Fanta and Grapefruit plus it's like a liquidy, soft and fizzy jelly that you sort of have to chew.

Got to Narita and returned my Pasmo (metro) card and got ¥1100 back which was nice. Checked in and asked for extra legroom etc...usual story. Went to the post office and was informed none of the aforementioned Kit Kats could be sent to Australia because of the fruit content. All those at home looking forward to them will have the knowledge that I will be enjoying them for days to come. Sent some books and presents home anyway (800g) for about $22 for 2 week delivery.

Had a turkey sub at Subway which was amazing, my first 'western' vegetables of note in a week. Bought a tee that I probably could have got from Graniph in Galeries Victoria, but I had about ¥3000 ($40) to use up.

Got a new boarding pass at the gate with a window and enough legroom for me to stretch out +30cm. Awesome.

I was pretty excited to leave to head to Europe but want to come back to Japan soon-ish. All of the people are so friendly and putting language, reliability and cleanliness aside the systems aren't actually hugely different to Australia. I was obviously taller than most, and got a few stares from people (usually women) but wasn't really that out of place (round eyes and white skin aside).

At the gate I saw 700ml Johnny Walker Blue for about $160...maybe next time. They had all the alcohol available for tasting too.

Flight left at 12:20pm Tokyo time and 12 hours later landed in Munich at 5:10pm. Flight was okay, stacks of room and it was great to see the Austrian Alps from the sky, as well as a lot of Russia and rural Poland and Germany.

Felt good to go through the fields and farms on the train from the airport into Munich. Bavaria/North west Austria areas really seems to hit home for me. Makes sense knowing the family history and origins around here.

At this point while I'm writing I've been up for about 22 hours, got about an hour or two until sunset so I can go to bed! Food an beer will make the wait shorter, I hope.