Day 10

I slept pretty well after all that time awake the day before, and got up about 8 and messed around for a few hours. Fell victim again to the Europeans love of sparkling water, and my inability to read the label! It was cool and rainy which was annoying, but I wasted enough time for it to disappear before I actually went anywhere. There was a 'free' walking tour run from the hostel, where you actually tip the guide at the end so it's not so free after all. I didn't mind though, as the guide Ozzie was really good. He knew his history, knew his routes and stories and made it a fun day. It was meant to go for 3 hours though the centre of Munich.

12:40 was my first beer with some sort of sausage on bread. Ozzie gave a really good account of the difference between Bavaria and the rest of Germany and explained it all really well. It's a very Catholic and seperatist place compared to the rest of Germany.

His dad is German, but his mum was from Dominican Republic, so he's the only 6'4 black Bavarian as far as I know! I didn't take many photos at all as the tour was a very quick pace, the light was average and the place is small enough for me to do another walk around to take photos properly.

The tour finished about 2:30 and Ozzie took a few of us to one of the brauhaus' in Munich old town. 2 more beers there (beers are 0.5L) and a pretzel. It was 5 canadians and myself plus Ozzie. We stayed there until about 6 where it was happy hour at the hostel, then went out for dinner and had Japanese, went back the hostel for more and I got to bed about 2.

The day wasn't a write off, had a lot of fun hanging out doing as the Bavarians do (the beer gardens were all full from 11am???) and the Canadians were really cool. You can really tell the quality of the beer though, no hangover.