Day 12

After the 3:30 bedtime I was up at 6:50 and packed up my stuff and left the hostel. Got the train out to the airport and was there pretty early, but that beats rushing. Flew in a twin prop plane from Munich to Wroclaw (pronounced vrotswoff) in Poland. It's quite a change from the classy streets of Munich, the soviet history and war history here is really evident. Got picked up by Aunty Nerrille and went back to her place and caught up for a few hours, did some washing.

Headed out and walked the streets which was really good, it's somewhat rough around the edges (in regards to general maintenance and cleanliness). There is a lot of graffiti here, more than I've seen in any city yet.

Checked out the river and some of the old town before having Indian for dinner. Was really cheap, but apparently expensive for Wroclaw. 0.5L beers were $2.90aud!

Writing this from a beer garden in the Jewish Quarter, and a few beers and jet lag don't mix.

In other news I've lost weight and one of my pairs of shorts are now too big, need another hole in my belt too. Also I've taken about 1000 photos I think, need to cut back on that.