Day 13 - Wroclaw

Had a bit of a sleep in until about 9 and had breakfast cooked for me by masterchef Nerrille. Once that was done and I got some photos off the little camera it was time to head into town (about 11am). By 11:30 we were sitting in a little pub/cafe called Literatka. It's an old building in the Rynek (main square) that is full of books, gramophones, old typewriters etc. I had my first decent coffee in about a week and chased it with a beer. Most pubs or cafes have free wifi access so we sat there for a few hours and caught up with the world. Cold beer plus free Internet while sitting on a big old leather chesterfield type lounge was a pretty good way to spend the afternoon. We climbed up the tower of St Elizabeth's church which wasn't the best idea after a few beers, but a high view of the whole of Wroclaw made it worth it. Had good views of the river, old town, parks as well you could see how the old soviet style residences really stick out.

Went back down to the Rynek and went to a restaurant for lunch at 6pm and I had a mixed plate of Pierogi (Polish dumplings filled with meat, cottage cheese & potato or cabbage & mushroom) with Red Wine Vinegar and Saurkraut. Nerrille had ChoĊ‚dnik (cold beetroot soup) which was good as well.

After that we wandered around a bit more and had another beer, then sat and watched the T&A parade on one of the main pedestrian paths. The Polish women are gorgeous and the dress code is cleavage out. Unfortunately about 60-70% of the time it's matched with a paunch below, exercise is not common here. It's also a very catholic city, lots of churches and many many couples. Relationships are the done thing, but engagement is expected within a year and you don't live together.

One more beer followed that and we walked home for a late-ish night forthe early start coming in the morning.