Day 15 - Samotnia to Krakow

Woke up at around 7 and had a shower, the water could barely be described as room temperature. Had mountain cheese, eggs and ham for breakfast on the lake. I was carrying a tray of breakfast and 2 coffees so I asked the girl in the restaurant to open the 3 doors on my way outside for me. She kind of laughed at me and then realised I was serious. Apparently men don't ask for a woman's help here. We left Samotnia (pictured next to the lake, below) about 9:30am. We had an hour and 20 mins to make it back to Kapacz to get the early bus back into Wroclaw. We walked pretty hard but did stop a few times for water or photos. It was a really nice walk and I was glad to do it earlyish as it warmed up to 32 later on. Got caught up a minute or two by locals who spoke to us in some language we didn't recognise so we ignored them thinking they were speaking to each other...except for the continuing stare from the girl. I just said Sorry in English to which they replied 'ENGLISH?' and then asked if it was worth the walk etc. Haven't really figured that one out yet.

We got to Kapacz with wet shirts and 20 minutes to spare. I stood in the sun doing my best to dry out. Around the time our bus was timetabled to arrive, a guy driving a private and illegal bus (aka a little transit van sort of thing) turned up. We figured we would get it as we were guaranteed a seat, and ended up in the front with the driver. He said about 3 words to us, all Polish. He didn't want any licorice, but we assumed he would take Vodka if offered. He drove us and about 10 silent Poles to Wroclaw the back way. It was good in the front being able to see everything, and we passed through towns we wouldn't usually have gone through. Cost us 25zl each which is about $12aud to travel about 150km.

Organized a train to Krakow and had lunch in a coffee place. Got some supplies for the 4 hour train trip and slow roasted all the way to Krakow in the non air conditioned train. Poland is both flat and rural, so not all that exciting to look at. Blogged for about an hour of the trip, catching up on the last few days. The windows half open, so I spent some time with my head out of it watching the countryside and getting cooler, fresh air.

We went past plenty of Ogrôdki which are little land plots with huts, gardens and vegetable patches. You can buy one or sometimes when you buy a small unit you get one as part of the deal so you have a backyard. Even though it is probably a few kilometres away from your unit in town. Every weekend the Poles usually spend one full day there. The huts are fitted out with fires etc for winter. Today's sights included dudes in speedos standing ankle deep in kiddie pools (presumably with beer in one hand), BBQs, immaculate little gardens, an old guy wearing a swimming cap about to get into a kiddie pool and the odd veggie patch.

Poland is quite similar in England in the fact that if it's hot all the dudes take their shirts off and the girls wear less. Except here it's actually hot. The people could still do with more clothing though.

We got into Krakow about 7pm and I laughed my way through the station to the hostel. If any of you know the episodes of Arrested Development where GOB can't stop whistling when he talks, that's what the station announcer sounded like...but in Polish.

We dumped our stuff at the hostel and walked up to the Rynek to get dinner. Got myself some salad for some much needed veggies and had a few beers. Being quite dehydrated from all the walking meant that 2 x 0.5L beers was more than enough. We weaved around the Rynek after dinner, did a lap of the castle and headed home.