Day 17 - Krakow

Woke up feeling very ordinary so had a really big breakfast of fruit, eggs, muesli etc. A breakfast like that is very out of the ordinary in a hostel. Nerrille and I set off for Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter. It was quite dead, except for German tourist groups but was a nice area. Sat down and had a coffee and watched delivery drivers taking all the fresh veggies and supplies into restaurants. We walked through the roundhouse market (only really busy on sundays) and set off looking for an Apteka (pharmacy). We managed to get me some echinacea and the lady was very chatty, but we didn't understand a word. From there we wandered up to the castle and walked around which was nice bit a castle is a castle.

12pm rolled around which meant it must have been time for a beer. I had some pancakes with apple (which we think was just canned two fruits) and a beer. Had a good sit down, a deep & meaningful and a good time for people watching. I had two more missions for the day: gingerbread for me and a head scarf for amber. Luckily I picked up both within about 50m of each other.

We headed back to the hostel to meet our 'crazy' tour guide for a communism tour. Eric rolled up in a fibreglass car and we had a good afternoon with him out at Nowa Hula (a suburb out of Krakow, build by Stalin as a model of communist town). Eric entertained us and Nerrille entertained Eric. I still wasn't feeling the best and two beers really knocked me around and made me tired. But the tour was really good, thanks to the energy levels of the other two.

When we got back from the tour we went and had 'lunch' at about 5pm. It started to rain when we left dinner so we scurried from cover to cover before returning to where we drank the night before for a coffee...hoping the shit waiter wouldn't be here or wouldn't recognize us.

The waiter was there and did recognize us and the service was a lot better, but was very snooty. I'm guessing he realised he didn't get a tip the night before. We had a coffee/tea and watched tourists getting about in ponchos and waited until about 7:30 before going back to the hostel.

I packed my bag, showered and then unpacked and repacked my bag before leaving the hostel for a night train to Prague. Nerrille and I said our goodbyes and I got on the train at 10:15. In a 6 bunk compartment with a Romanian girl, 3 Dutch guys and an American. The Dutch guys were really cool and gave me a beer and about 4-5 shots of their vodka. I bought the 3 of them and myself a beer from the ticket guy in our carriage, very handy. We stayed up until about 12:30 talking and sticking our heads out the window etc. The carriage was pretty much all young travellers from all sorts of countries. The train is such a better way to travel in Europe, even at night. You meet a lot more people and there's just something about it that's really cool. Asleep by 12:45.