Day 18 - Prague

Woke up in my bunk about 6am, wuth the train going in the opposite direction to what it was going in when I went to sleep. I slept ok, except for one of the Dutch guys snoring really loudly at one point and general uncomfortable-ness. Wasn't bad though. I'm really happy with the way the last week has turned out. Choices of buses and trains has given me basically an extra day in Krakow and Prague, so I no longer feel rushed in both places.

We got into Prague about 7am and it took me a while to getto te hostel as the Tourist Info desks were closed and I didn't know which way was north...need that iPhone 3GS with the compass in it. Or maybe just a compass.

By 9:30 though I was checked into the hostel and sitting in the Staré Mêsto (old town) eating breakfast. I did have a moment here, thinking how awesome it was that I was sitting in Prague on a coolish sunny morning drinking coffee and eating while everyone back home was finishing hump day at work in the dark.

I walked around a lot of Prague in one day, not going into any buildings or anything, just getting used to it and enjoying the street life. Europe continues to be covered in graffiti and i spent the day looking at buildings and getting lost intentionally...then finding myself on the map.

I can get used to this lifestyle, not once on this trip have I been homesick or lonely, or wished I was anywhere else.

I walked through Josefov (Jewish Town), across the river to Mala Strana and down to Nové Mêsto (new town). Mala Strana and the Charles bridge weren't particularly fun as they were packed with tourists. Might try and get there earlier tomorrow to beat the rush, hangover dependent.

The Dutch guys from the train are letting me know where they end up tonight, which will be my backup plan if the hostel crowd doesn't go out.

Overall I like the feel of Prague, the shopping isn't in your face which is a nice change. Though I do find myself missing the Ryneks and pubs of Poland.