Day 20 - Prague to Rome

Woke up feeling very very ordinary. Felt sorry for Chris as he had a 10am flight so he was out early on about 2 hours sleep. I repacked my bag, showered and checked out 30mins late. Skyped and Facebooked for a bit and then went into the old town and got a hangover cure: croissant and apple turnover with an orange & grapefruit juice. Wandered around feeling a bit sorry for myself and I didn't really have anything to see or do so I just window shopped. The shops aren't really noticeable, or good so I settled for Nike and book stores. I found one electronics shop but it was more like Harvey Norman than JB Hifi. Decided to have lunch at a Thai place I had seen a few days earlier an had the hottest noodles I have had for ages. Being a bit sick I must have been quite the picture: sweaty face, watering eyes, running nose. I had to wash the noodles down with a strawberry juice and then a Mojito.

Everything is really cheap here, a 0.5L beer in a bar (non tourist trap) will set you back about $2-2.50aud. I bought 3 bread rolls, 100g of ham and a tomato for about $2.80 for dinner last night.

After lunch I bought 'About a Boy' by Nick Hornby to read on the plane to Rome. Read 'High Fidelity' on the last flight and couldn't believe I had it for so long and didn't read it.

I went back to the hostel and picked up my stuff. I'd been organised and booked a shuttle bus to the airport which was a bit of a luxury after the usual public transport or walking with both packs.

I was also organised for the flight, paid $9aud extra when I booked to have an emergency row seat. The airline I was on has no reserved seating so it's just a matter of grabbing a seat. I had a seat with a spare next to me and next to that was a Czech guy named Cyrill (or Kirril in Czech). He was really nice and he'd had a rough day and didn't want to drink alone so bought me a wine. We talked about Prague life and he admitted that unless you really like architecture, and as I suspected it's best to visit with someone who lives there. He did tell me a lot about Prague and the former communist times and he was great to talk to. I offered my services as a Sydney guide, but chances are I'll be in Prague before he's in Sydney.

Got in to Rome at 9:15 and got the Leonardo Express train into Roma Termini where Goodway and Juss were waiting for me. It was great to see them and the talk was pretty thick and fast with travel stories and news. We had a few beers at my hostel's bar and before we knew it 2:30am rolled around and we had to say goodbyes. It was weird seeing them for such a short time in a strange place, but it has made me more excited for London.