Day 22 - Rome to Sorrento

My alarm was set for 7:10am to meet Dave at Roma Termini but I had the phone turned down and slept through it. Managed to wake myself up and met Dave at about 8:20 and we had brekky at the station. We bought some supplies and got the Eurostar down to Naples which only took about 90 minutes. We had to change to the local train there called Circumvesuviana and it was about an hour to Sant'Agnello where our hostel was. Dave had been wearing jeans the whole time so we changed at the hostel and walked the scenic route down to Sorrento. It really was a horrible way to spend an afternoon: walking along the Bay of Naples, looking towards Mt Vesuvius (spelling?) and having a Pizza or Calzone with a beer. It was pretty hot so we just had an easy walk and ventured into a little bit of Sorrento. It's a little bit touristy, but seems to be a decent mix of locals and international tourists (at least 80:20 in favour of the locals). The smaller lanes and streets of Sorrento are pretty nice, they usually hold restaurants and souvenir shops as well as clothing and stuff like that. It might just be that it's a port, which usually has a lot more of that sort of thing.

We wandered down for a swim near Sant'Agnello which was ok, the water was a little dirty. The water isn't that cold so it's very easy to just sit in.

Dave brought a mini league ball with him so we were passing that around on the beach. The ball ended up near some Italian guys kicking a soccer ball and one went to pick it up. He hesitated before picking it up and then just looked at it for a second, probably thinking "what am I supposed to do with this?". I'm almost sure it was the first time he'd seen an oval ball. When he picked it up he didn't know how to hold it or throw it, so he just kind of lobbed it. Just another way Australia is an unknown.

About 9pm we headed back down to Sorrento to meet Gaz and Emma for dinner. More catchups and there was plenty of time for it, we had to wait over an hour for dinner. But it was pretty good. Even though Gaz and I catch up fairly often online it's not the same as just sitting at a table and talking shit.

The public transport in Sorrento is ok, a train every 20 minutes. But for a town that has people eating dinner really late before continuing to drink on, it sucks that the last train back to Sant'Agnello is at about 11:30. So we had to walk back to the hostel before having a few beers on the rooftop.

The hostel is like a 4 star hotel, but with dorm rooms. It's really nice and it has a bar on the ground floor and a bar on the roof. The locals actually use it as a bar as well, so there's usually bunches of 20-35 year old Italians around which makes it seem less like a hostel.