Day 23 - Amalfi

Dave was kinda jet lagged and I was tired from a big weekend so we didn't end up leaving the hostel until about 11. We got the train to Sorrento and then jumped on a bus to Amalfi which is about 25km by road away. Gaz had told us it was a good drive, and he wasn't wrong.

The road hairpins it's way up the mountains to make it's way to Amalfi and the bus driver treats the road as a rally course. Full size bus at speed, half size road with hairpins and oncoming traffic made for an interesting ride! We were getting thrown around on each corner, just laughing in disbelief at the millimetres of clearance the driver was leaving. Fences, pedestrians, double parked cars, oncoming cars and scooters and buses, roadside stalls...he missed them all and I still don't know how. Some of the fences you could look over from the bus and there was just ocean, nothing else. But the ride did offer great views of the coastline and that 25km took 1hr 45mins. Dave had to get off with about 1.5km to go, he got motion sickness from all the twisting and turning, stopping and starting. We probably took about 350 photos between us in that time.

I made it to Amalfi and got myself a Limone gelato to celebrate my survival and sat in the shade until Dave turned up. Amalfi is quite a busy waterfront town with about 3 little beaches and a ferry port. There's a lot of people down there just hanging out, while the old town section back from the coast was relatively quiet. Beer and pizza for lunch in a little piazza and then we walked along the breakwater and went for a swim off the rocks like the locals were doing. We were out of place as tourists, which was good.

The ferry back to Sorrento was a good way to see the coastline, and takes just over an hour. A pretty good way to relax and unwind before the night, which was Gaz's bucks party.

It was a relatively quiet start to the night but really good fun catching up with Gaz's brother in law Gorto and meeting all the guys from Emma's family. We ended up in an empty karaoke bar and the Heinekins were flowing very freely. The girls all came in about midnight or so which was fun and in the end the bar was packed, but we pretty much had the run of the place. I don't remember too many details apart from Gaz adding his own backing lyrics to songs and me singing 'Turn the Page' by Bob Seger with some American guy who I'm sure would have to have been named Chuck, or Randy.

We got a cab back to Sant'Agnello about 3:30 and had to go to the ATM to pay the driver. He sat there waiting without the meter running (!) while we watched Dave try and get out of the ATM area, school for the gifted style. Wrong door. Cost us about $25-30aud for about a 2km journey...but was money well spent.