Day 24 - Sorrento

Woke up about 11:30 today with a bit of a headache but didn't feel too bad. Probably left the hostel about 1 or so and headed down to Sorrento for a hangover cure. Unfortunately the place we went to had hamburgers, but quite different to what we're used to. It was more of a squashed sausage with a piece of lettuce and a piece of tomato in a roll. That is an improvement on what Gaz's brother Adam got the other day though, his didn't even come with bread. I chased my 'burger' with cannoli and another limone gelato.

Dave and I went to say hi to Gaz and check out his place. He and Emma had a bedroom with ocean views from the bed itself, complete with a little balcony. Gaz was feeling pretty worse for wear as well as Dave so it was a pretty cruisy afternoon. I'm pretty trained up now with the drinking and late nights so it doesn't really bother me.

We sat on Gaz's balcony looking at the water just catching up, talking shit etc. Was really good just to hang out for a few hours like we would back home. I unloaded about 22gb of photos onto Gaz's laptop which was awesome as it frees me up for the rest of the trip.

Not sure if I've mentioned this in an earlier blog post but I cracked 10,000 photos on my camera on this trip. Weird to think that many things have caught my eye over 3 years.

For dinner we me up with Emma and her sister Clare and boyfriend Chris. Had a beer at Fauno Bar in the main piazza of Sorrento and walked around a bit trying to find a restaurant they had tried before and liked.

Chris is a funny bloke, really great to hang around so we had a few good laughs over the week. Again, it was just really good to be around Gaz and Em and actually just crap on in person.

The average rating that we each gave our dinners was about 5/10...everyone having pasta. Maybe it's just this part of the country but the pizza is really the only thing worth coming for (gelato and pastries excluded). Cousin Sarah could make a killing over here.

Gaz, Em, Dave and I went for gelato after dinner, got myself Panna Cotta and Bacio (as in the Baci chocolate) flavours. So good. Since losing a few kilos in Japan I've put a bit back on, though it's been easier to eat more while travelling with people I know.

Headed back the hostel and went for a beer on the roof. Bypassed 3 Australian accents and met Alberto from Barcelona instead. We were booked on a Capri tour run by the hostel for the next day and by chance he was too. Quiet but nice guy. Met some canadians who had ditched the tour because it doesn't actually take you on to the island, just around. Sort of debated whether to do the same but a day swimming around the island sounded too good to pass up.