Day 25 - Capri (aka I'm on a boat)

Andrea (guy's name) picked 7 of us up from the hostel and we were driven to a house in the heart of the port in Sorrento. Our first thoughts were 'holy fucking shit' as the place was an absolute postcard, and then we realised this is where he lived! Has to be the most amazing house I've been to for location and just how nice it was. To top it off he had the classic Italian pin-up wife and cute little daughter. We grabbed some supplies from his house and walked down to the port to get on his inflatable Zodiac boat (about 20' long). Liz and Emily from UK, Seane and Jacob from LA, Alberto from Spain and us were on the boat.

Our first stop was an open grotto near Sorrento, under an old Roman Villa built into the rock. Andrea's instructions were just 'jump in and swim in there'. There were no lifejackets either.

It feels pretty reckless just jumping in the water around rocks but it was worth it, nice view inside (both locals and natural). Was my first swim since last summer too so after the heat of the last 3.5 weeks it was well received.

For the rest of the day we just hopped around the coast of Capri. I could get used to this lifestyle: swimming around, snorkelling, rock jumping, sitting in the sun getting driven around the coast. The water is so clear and blue, each time I got out of the water my first instinct was to jump back in.

I did manage to shred my feet and hands a little bit on the rocks, but that was to be expected. For lunch Andrea made us Caprese sandwiches: Italian bread roll, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes washed in the sea for added salt, olive oil and fresh basil leaves. Best food I had eaten in Italy by a country mile. The mozzarella was so fresh and the texture was almost like chicken and the tomatoes were nearly the size of lawn bowls.

We had about 7-8 swims in different places over the day going through the grottos and caves around the island. In the afternoon we stopped at a pretty exclusive part of the island for a coffee and cake. The Amalfi coast's claim to fame is every Lemon flavoured (including Lemons). So for afternoon tea I had a piece of lemon cake with vanilla gelato, coffee and Limoncello. Also put a drop of the Limoncello into the coffee, which does change the flavour a bit for the better.

Andrea started telling a story about a girl who had landed arse first rock jumping the week before. It was pretty funny cause I had met that girl in Rome, and could finish his story by describing the state of the arse a week later (she had showed me photos). FYI it was mostly bruised black.

One more swim, this time the blue grotto. It's a cave where the light reflects underneath a rock arch under the water. Above the water though, it's the most amazing blue colour. To get in you swim through a hole about 1.5m diameter and then it's a big cave about 50m by 20m. The hole actually faces the open Mediterranean Sea so it can be a bit rough. But well worth it.

By this time it was about 7pm so we went back to Sorrento. It was an amazing tour, would do it again any day. For some reason Andrea picked me to jump on the back of his scooter for a lift back up the hill to his house (about 80m above the port on a cliff...bitch of a walk). He was a typical Italian driver: mad. Overtaking buses on the inside of hairpins, overtaking 2 cars at once near blind corners etc. But I made it alive.

At this point it crossed my mind how many forms of transport I've used on this trip: car, plane, train, bullet train, ferry, boat, chairlift, scooter, pushbike, bus, legs. Only a hovercraft to go.

Went out for dinner with the 2 English girls and Alberto which was alright...they were a bit 'no sex please, we're british' and one drove me mad with constant talking. Had been reccommended a restaurant by some French Canadians but even that was just okay (tried spaghetti with shrimp this time).

Ended the night the usual way with a few beers on the rooftop bar with plans to be up early to have a few hours at Pompei before Gaz and Emma's wedding. Hit bed about 2ish.