Day 26 - Gaz & Emma's Wedding

My plans of going to Pompei were dashed very early as I couldn't be bothered getting up. Instead we went and collected our drycleaning and took it over to Gaz's hotel. Shops shut between 1pm and 4pm here so you have to be careful not to get caught out by that, especially when your weddings start at 5:30! We had lunch with the Bath family which is always an experience, but always fun. As always on wedding days, time runs out very quickly so before we knew it Dave and I were heading back to the hostel for a quick shower and then back to Gaz's place to get changed. The weather was great, but super hot.

The wedding was at a little square kind of thing in a chapel, it was a super venue. I was sweating up a storm in a long sleeve shirt in tie, but was running around like a bit of a madman taking photos which didn't help. Felt sorry for Gaz and Ad (brother and best man) who were wearing 3 piece suits...but they seemed fine.

Emma looked fantastic and turned up with her dad Dave in a horse and carriage. It was really nicely done, not over the top or pretentious at all. Only later did I learn that Em in her wedding dress in the carriage had given the finger to some guys in a passing car who were shouting at her (probably saying good things mind you!). I hope that turns up on YouTube.

The ceremony was great, short and sweet and a few photos after that. Before we knew it, it was all over and we were walking to the restaurant for the reception. Dave and I did a quick cigar run and then it was dinner time.

The dinner was in a quiet little corner of a huge restaurant in the outdoor section. It was basically a lemon orchard with paths and seating areas beneath, which was so cool (both literally and figuratively). I sat across Al and Fran (Em's uncle and aunt) and they were the nicest people. Kind enough to offer me to stay in their house in Burgundy, France if I ever want to as time for sure. Also sat next to Chris which was fun again as usual.

The food was great and plentiful, the wine was good and cold...can't complain about anything. Everyone was really cruisy and just very respectful I suppose. Saw Em's grandparents as well who I had met in Newcastle last time I was in the UK. The first thing her Nanna asked me after dinner was 'did you eat the cake?'. I realised after about 30 seconds she was talking about the cake she had given me for the drive 2 years ago when at her place...good memory!

Finished at the restaurant sitting around with Chris & Clare, Dave, Gorto, Dan & Rhiannon (Em's cousins), Gaz and Em and Em's friend Alice. We sat around talking shit, smoking cigars and finishing off a few beers and the remaining wine...nice and relaxing.

We left the restaurant about 1:30 and finished off the cigars and wine on the walk to Fauno Bar for one last drink. I think we got to bed about 3:30 or something.

Not many photos of the day for the blog, but took about 300 or so on the camera. They turned out great too which was pleasing. The drink photo is what you get when you ask for a scotch and coke: 2 highball glasses and a bottle. Apparently in Hungary you get 3 glasses for the same thing.