Day 27 - Sorrento to Rome

Woke up today feeling pretty good, which by deduction means that the wine was good last night. Had a bit of a chat with Theo and Qui from Sydney who were our roommates, good blokes. Qui broke his collarbone in Greece on a scooter and had surgery in London. Poor Theo has been carrying both guys backpacks around since. Dave and I got our shit together and checked out of the hostel. Had coffee and breakfast at a little place in Sant'Agnello we'd been to before: Italian donut thing and coffee for $3aud.

Got the train into Sorrento and headed to Gaz's place. Had a good sit around and chat with Jo (sister) and Gaz and checked out a few of the photos from the night before. The usual crosschecking of stories and who said what etc. Emma and Gorto (brother in law) were both still asleep so we waited for them before going to a local place for pizza for lunch.

We were entertained by some Gorto stories before it was time for Dave and I to leave. We hadn't made it to Pompei yet, so we planned on doing that in the afternoon. We spent about 1.5 hours at a stretch. We didn't have a lot of time and we hit the streets pretty hard in that time.

It was good to see and it's amazing how well preserved the site is. To be walking down a street that is basically in the same state as it was 2000 years ago is pretty damn cool. There is still paint on walls, mosaics and tiles on floors and you can walkthrough houses and really get a feel for how it was back in the day. They still had stadiums, shops and even brothels and stuff back then, which struck me as that time humans really haven't changed much at all. I didn't wear any sunnies today either, I've developed a bit of a sunnies tan line which I think I can attribute to Capri, so they have been put away for a few days. My retinas should be ok.

We were aiming to get back to Napoli in time to get the EuroStar back to Rome but the late and slow Italian trains put a stop to that idea. We got the intercity train back to Rome and I caught up on emails and about 4 days of blog posts in one. It was only about 2 hours, but I had bought the new Paul Dempsey album on the iPhone in the morning so that and a hardcore shuffle playlist got me through it.

Got to the hostel at about 9:30 and unluckily got the same room as last week: the fuckin hot one. Spent the night sitting on plastic chairs outside the pizza shop, drinking €2 0.5L bottles of Becks. The Becks is a bit sweeter here for some reason.

We have a 10:50 flight in the morning to Geneva, then heading to Zermatt on the train. Zermatt is 1.6km above sea level and has a max temp of about 18 degrees. It's going to be like having a cold shower after 4 weeks of 30+ days. Apparently the view on the train ride is amazing though, so I'm looking forward to it.

A photo of the new Mr and Mrs Bath also attached.