Day 29 - Zermatt & Gornergrat

I don't remember Switzerland being this expensive, but we have parted with a fair bit of money in a short space of time. We ate our $10aud bread with jam and cheese for breakfast before having a quick wander around Zermatt and taking photos of the Matterhorn mountain in morning sun without cloud. We were pretty buggered after walking about 300m which we decided was the altitude, not a week of pizza and beer. We got another cog wheel train up the mountains to Gornergrat, which is a mountain peak 3100m above sea level. It takes about an hour and has amazing views on both sides of the train. We were organised at the bottom and had bought some vodka and chocolate as well as winter sunscreen (whatever that is).

At the top there are views of 26 peaks and it ranges from snow or glacier to grass covered. Had a few swigs of vodka while looking at the Matterhorn and valley before walking along the ridge to the only patch of snow we could see. The paths were better than Poland and not quite as steep, but I really think the altitude took it out of us sea level folk.

I put the vodka, water and toblerone into the snow to cool while we took a few photos. It was so quiet up there, it's a good spot to just sit and think about things while looking across the valley and make a few decisions that probably should have been made earlier (sounds ominous, doesn't it).

Had cool vodka and toblerone before walking down the mountain for about an hour. I'm not sure how far we walked but maybe about 2-3km and we were pretty wrecked. I did feel light headed for much of the time, and I'm reasonably sure it wasn't alcohol related.

We found ourself at one of the train stations so we jumped on one to head back down the mountain. At the bottom we wet the the Co-op (supermarket) and picked up lunch: bread rolls, tomatoes and Swiss Gruyere cheese. Was pretty awesome.

The next few hours were pretty much a write off as we combed the Internet for ways to avoid the exorbitant prices of Swiss rail travel. We made half a decision before heading back to the same pub as last night and having another massive meal and 3-4 0.5L beers. We were in bed reasonably early at 11pm.