Day 30 - Zermatt to Basel

We had been trying to find the cheapest way to get to Frankfurt and anyway we looked at it (via France, Austria, Germany) it was just ridiculously expensive and meant stopping along at different places we didn't neccessarily want to go to. Lateral thinking got us a much cheaper option with a lot less travel time and we booked easyjet flights to Berlin for 6:50am from Basel. Had the breakfast of champions while on the hour train from Zermatt to Visp: coffee, croissant, apple turnover, coke, water, a beer and apricots (just to even it out). From Visp we got the IC train to Basel which took about 3 hours I think, and we got there about 3:30pm. Met our Korean roomate Kayla who was pretty funny, bit of a nerd so I'm not really sure what she was really thinking about us. The tv show Arrested Development tought us 'Annyong' (hello) and the Koreans get pretty excited if you know that. A little disappointed however when they realise that's all you know.

I wasn't particularly excited about Basel but had heard it was nice. I was more using it as a place to relax and get some essentials done. So first thing was to wash clothes, upload blogs, get food etc. When you stay in a hotel or hostel in Basel you get a card which gets you free public transport. The have a lot of trams going all over the place so this is not to be sniffed at. It's a quiet city too, which was nice.

It's not the biggest city but is quite renowned for architecture and museums. It is also where the Rhine river starts (or finishes?), and the river splits the city in half. It's also where Germany, Switzerland and France all meet so it can be quite a mish mash of language sometimes. You might be greeted in German but then they will say goodbye in French. The in between is usually German or English if they pickup that we are foreigners.

After a few hours of not much we headed out and had a few beers in the city centre (zentrum) but it was pretty quiet as it was a Monday night.