Day 31 - Basel

Slept in for a bit before heading out to find somewhere to get a much needed haircut. Had the biggest coffee ever at a little cafe and avoided eye contact with the lady at the hairdresser who quoted me 52 Swiss Francs ($70aud). Found a better place and got my hair cut by a guy who must have been the only Syrian in Switzerland. He was nice though and did a good job.

The rest of the day was spent wandering aimlessly around Basel. It seems to be more shopping oriented than food/cafe so we relented and got McDonalds. I immediately regretted it, but on the plus side they serve beer so I can now tick that box: I drank beer at maccas. While walking to the river I made a mid year resolution not to eat McDonalds again this year unless drunk.

All the locals walk around with these bright orange bags that are round in shape. They are actually waterproof bags that they put their clothes into so they can float down the river. 2/3 of the river is set aside for swimmers and in the afternoon they all walk upstream to some point, jump in and float down the river holding onto their clothes bag which acts like a giant floaty. I'm not sure if it's a valid form of travel, but I suppose it's possible to just float down the river home from work. I wasn't really interested in partaking but Dave jumped in without a bag, realizing why they all use them...freshwater is a little harder to float in.

I walked down the side of the river just people watching. About 75% of the locals just get about in their swimmers, which can be quite good and at times quite disturbing. Met up with Dave at the other end and we just people watched for about 2 hours talking shit.

It was about 8:00pm so we walked back to the hostel to pack and eat dinner. By the time we were eating it was about 10pm though, the European evenings just get away from you.

The next day was a 4:55am alarm so we intended to get to bed early. A chatty guy called Georgie from Bulgaria and more Koreans in our room put a stop to that, as well as new people turning up at 1am.