Day 33 - Berlin

I headed down for breakfast and ended up speaking to Sylvia from Barcelona who was pretty cool, about 35 and just on holidays. I made a few skype calls while sizing for Dave and he turned up about 11am, I thought hungover. Turns out he had some kind of food poisoning so he was in bed all day. He had my phone to use skype so there's no photos for this day, the ones below are from yesterday but are of the artist squat. I didn't really have a plan so I headed to the main station (Hauptbahnhof) and bought tickets for the train to Frankfurt. From there I walked east through residential areas for about 3 hours. I ended up back at the artist squat we had visited the day before, went in to buy a piece I had seen the day before but she wasn't there. The squat is called Tasse (I think) and is an old department store that got half knocked down about 20 years ago. Artists have rooms in the building where they work and they also sell their works from there. The inside of the building is wall to wall graffiti and rubbish, but the outside has 2 bars and a cafe all on sand like a beach. There is also a club called Zapata, so although it is technically a squat it's not completely unknown about.

Went back to the hostel about 3pm and watched the ashes with one eye and the man u game with the other, an advantage of having an Aussie run hostel with sky sports. Got accused of being Dutch by the barmaid. So far people have thought I am Dutch, Swiss or German.

Dave was still in bed so I had met some canadian guys were were going to Zapata. Ended up with about 8 of us from the hostel going out there. Swedish, UK, Canadian, Australians. Some young fellas (16-17 year olds) from Belfast joined our group on the street, but didn't make it into the club...which was expected, and welcome. The walk took us past a bunch of prostitutes spread along the way. Thy are are actually pretty good looking, but it was weird that they kind of have a uniform. They were all wearing similar variations of the same fashion style of not much. But they did look like they had all called each other before clocking on.

The club is in the artist squat and was heaps fun. A Latin band inside the club who were really good even though that's not my thing. Flames shot above the crowd from the bar every now and again as well. Outside there was a blues/jazz band with a bit of a rock edge who were also a lot of fun. It was just a really relaxed vibe and everyone talks to everyone.

i started talking to Max and Flo who were from Berlin after the English girl Eleanor accused them of being wannabe gangsters. They dress as B Boys but Max was into metal which was odd, but we had a good chat as he downed his space cookie. After Munich, Poland, Switzerland etc I had kind of had enough of the conservative ways of those places and this was pretty much as far in the other direction as I could get. There's a big building next to this place and they had old Felix cartoons projected onto it about 30x20m in size. The Shofferhoffers (beer) and Jager were cold, so it was pretty much perfect.

Ended up spending the last few hours talking to Anja who is from Berlin, she gave me lots of helpful tourist advice but I forgot all of it straight away, it didn't matter anyway as we were leaving the next day anyway. Also talked a lot of shit, I have no idea what was said now but we did get on really well.

Hopped a tram home and was in bed about 3:30. Berlin is the kind of place I could live in.