Day 34 - Berlin to Frankfurt

I had grand plans of getting up at a reasonable hour and getting out and squeezing another half day out of Berlin. Our train to Frankfurt was booked for 2:30pm and we checked out of the hostel at 11. Dave was still a bit sick and I had been up late and drinking all night, so it was a slow morning. We got to the Hauptbahnhof (main station) and dumped our backpacks in a luggage checkin area and went our separate ways with about 2 hours to see whatever we could.

I headed straight for the Holocaust Memorial, but was thwarted by the men's walking event for the athletics world championships. It cost me about 20 minutes of walking through crowds and walking around the street track they had blocked off. The memorial was good though, all the concrete blocks in the photos below. It's quite confusing within all the blocks, it looks like there is a slope sometimes and I'm not sure that there is...if that makes sense. As memorials go, it wasn't depressing at all which is a good thing sometimes.

I was thinking the stars were against me today as the rain started to fall, me without an umbrella or jacket. It wasn't too bad though and I walked down Willhemstrasse past old buildings that the Nazis and Soviets used in their reigns. Found another section of the wall which isn't uncommon in Berlin. Often you just stumble on a section which just hasn't been knocked down yet. Sometimes there are sections preserved as monuments or art installations...other times it's just there.

I walked to the 'Topography of Terror' which is the site where the SS and commanders of the 3rd Reich met, like a parliament. It's just an empty patch now, some buildings are used for other government ministries and the like.

Went back to the station to meet Dave and I was running late of course, but walked onto the platform as our train was pulling in. It was an ICE train which is a fast train, we only had 2nd class seats which are still really good. It was 4 hours to Frankfurt and the trip took us through the middle west of Germany. Lots of farming land, windfarms, rolling hills, little towns, thick pine forests. Not a bad part of the world.

Our hostel in Frankfurt was in the red light district, but it was very tame and nothing to worry about. Dave was still feeling average and I was absolutely wrecked so we just spent the night in the hostel drinking cheap (and strong) cocktails and beers while playing foozball and pool.