Day 35 - Frankfurt

I knew nothing about Frankfurt so I figured the best way to see something would be on one of the free walking tours. We ended up missing it, but we weren't too disappointed as we figured there wasn't much to see. We spent the day wandering through shops in the main pedestrian street, which was what we both probably needed. A day of walking around but nothing too involved. Bought some clothes and found some cool shops. Ended up outside a coffee shop and a local told us that if you come to Frankfurt, you must visit this shop. I accused him of working for them, but got one anyway and the coffee was actually pretty good.

After a whole day of walking around we decided that Frankfurt had a bit of everything. But at the same time there is nothing. Most people in the hostel are only there to fly out or have just flown in. I imagine there would be a large population in the city just for business too. So in short: 1 day is plenty in Frankfurt. It's not bad, but there is literally nothing to the place.

Spent another night drinking with Americans and canadians playing foozball and pool, swapping stories. Decided I need to pretend to kidnap someone one day in a McDonalds drive thru. I think they might have had plans to copy Dave's story when he pretended to be a paraplegic.

Photo highlights below: massive rollerblade choice for con, fluffy animal trophies, super mario bros style Euro power up in the park, spike lee dunks.