Week 7 - London

London was a 7 day flurry of pubs, walking, catching up with friends & family, a few sights, 2nd Deftones gig, a great wedding and reception, bad food, good food, rain, wind, sun, shopping, tube rides, farts, laughs, hangovers and late nights. The house was great, even though the girls might not agree totally, but everyone had fun living together. The wedding went better than anyone could have expected as well, great weather and everything ran like clockwork. Some of us don't remember everything that happened but all had a good time. Even those who saw their dinner again in the early hours of the next day (not me...just). It was also my last of 6 weddings which is a bit of a downer, it's been great drinking everyone elses alcohol.

I didn't really have any desire to see the London sights as I had seen them last time, so I spent most of my time catching up with family and friends who live in London or just hanging out with the Dagenham crew (coasties). My last trip didn't really involve much pub time so it was good to do London in a different way. I hardly took any photos including on the iPhone as I wasn't intending to blog, I also tried to concentrate more on being with people rather than taking photos of them. The highlight was just the random moments spent with friends in places none of us ever really thought we'd be together in, and getting to know everyone just that little bit better.

It was cool to find myself in random spots away from the tourist path that I had ventured into last time as well, I even noticed a phone box I had made calls from last time in some back street near London Bridge. London's started to cool into autumn already, even though we wore shorts and thongs last week...it's a good time to leave (pardon the pun/Goodway joke).

I've been told I look okay but to be honest I'm completely exhausted. So many events and people and different cultures, landscapes, languages and ways of doing things does take it's toll, even though it's a lot of fun. I've caught up with people from 6 different parts of my life while on the trip and it's been great to spend time with those people whether it was for a week or an hour. There hasn't been a moment I haven't enjoyed and wished I was at home. Any little creature comfort that I've missed along the way (i.e. own bathroom, sneakers that don't hurt, entourage, bigger choice of clothes, footy etc) I could still do without easily, but it will be good to see all the people back there.

I am looking forward to coming home, somewhat. There are things that will need to change and that will be exciting, some things I'll be going home to won't be so exciting...but it's all part and parcel of home and work and routine I guess.

Pretty excited to be getting in a week of beach and warmth before that though.