Day 1

So day 1. Here I am again, sitting on the plane with anxious stomach pain wondering why I'm going overseas again. Nervous, again. Earlier I met Work Dave at 5:30 at his place in a cab. The flight was alright, my first day flight for a while. Sitting around watching entourage, mad men and playing angry birds isn't so bad. The nervousness disappeared as soon as we landed, buying train tickets was a breeze due to past experience. I also forgot how organised these people are, reserved seats for a train already traveling through the network. Also picked up Pasmo cards for the train (like a London oyster card, except it works for buses AND vending machines). Got the train from Narita through rice paddies and hazy skies into Tokyo. Into the Metro fray and then sweating our arses off on our 10 minute walk to the hostel in Minowa by about 7:30pm, then straight back into Ueno to get food and a beer. Oh yeah, this is what being alive feels like!

We wondered around neon lit streets and past little bars packed with people sitting on the street eating japanese tapas style food. We saw an empty table in one place, Dave hovered and I just grabbed it. We sat next to a guy who spoke a little bit of English, and I really mean fuck all except about 20 words. He was really nice though and his English was better than my Japanese. No English menus so we gave blank looks to the waitress and our mate gave the orders as well as giving us some of his food.

2 minutes later we have 2 Asahis in front of us and something resembling food. It wasn't too bad, I ate a little bit of mystery meat and stuck mostly to the tofu that came with it. Also ate some raw meat sashimi offered by our mate, and it was actually nice. Sweet and tender. Turns out that this little bar specialises in horse meat. So dish A was horse guts with soy sauce and tofu, dish B was just raw horse meat. We should probably stick to places with picture menus. Our mate was about to leave and tried to pay for our food and beers but we snuck some money to the waitress.

So after that we sat around speaking to some other Japanese guys (one who is living in LA so could speak English very well) and learned a fair bit about their food, lives etc and after about 4-5 beers we went home to bed.

For those who care: three 7/11 visits and no kit kat sightings. Wonder what's going on?!