Day 2

Wordpress and the iPhone had a fight and the loser was this article, lost into the ether. Not so lovingly retyped and might be light on for detail. ---- Woke up this morning with a killer headache and soaked with sweat. The hostel's air con hardly worked, plus beers and flight dehydration didn't really mix. So we decided to get a hotel a bit closer to the action: Shinjuku.

After picking up some water and brekky at 7/11 (a standard thing, it's better than Aussie 7/11) we got the train to Shinjuku. We dumped our bags at the hotel and headed into shinjuku and just wandered for a few hours. It's a funny mix of bars, clothing stores, food places and department stores. It's also the biggest train station in Tokyo.

Got a bit hungry so we went back to the station and found a cool little place where business men were eating lunch so we thought it must have been ok. Missed the ticket machine and tried to walk in, only for the waitress to herd us back outside to actually order and pay. $12aud bought me more food than I could eat, really nice cold egg noodles with fried chicken and spicy soup.

We went back to the hotel and I had a siesta, first decent sleep in about 3 days. Dave watched Karate Kid on tv, I'm not even joking...and it was dubbed in Japanese. We went up the government metro towers to check out the view from floor 45, even though it was a bit hazy. Pretty crazy to see how little of Tokyo you have seen...and never, ever will. We also saw the NS tower which has a big atrium and the worlds largest pendulum clock (29m). Also has a skybridge 110m above which was all pretty cool to check out.

The light was really nice and I went a bit nuts with photos. The photography course has definitely taught me that light can be the difference between the ok photos and the great ones. It's a bit hard when you're travelling though, you just have to take the photos when you can.

We walked back to the east side of shinjuku with the 'Salary Men' heading back to the station after work. We found a cool little bar for dinner and had some Sapporos and awesome food: eggplant & capsicum, bacon & asparagus, tomato & mayo...maybe something else but I can't remember now. Also had some shochu which is a spirit made from rice wine. We have seen mostly older people drinking beer flavored cordial stuff called 'Hoppy'. They buy cheap alcohol, soda and pour this 'Hoppy' into it. When times were bad in the old days that's how they had a 'beer' and the tradition continues.

While at the bar we saw some westies (westerners) come in and I thought it was a guy and his mum. Turns out they were together, and to our horror also Australian. She was loud and the Aussie version of Americans Abroad. Taking photos very indiscreetly, yelling to the kitchen staff and just an annoying, ocker person. By the time they left she was smashed and asked us where we were from, she was from Melbourne....I'm guessing Frankston. She said "you gotta go to Osaaarka, it's just like'll love it" Fuck off love and get out of our faces.

Got lost trying to find another bar, so went home but stopped in at am/pm to grab a beer and finallllly found kit kats. Twin pack: cola and lemonade flavours and also found bitter almond. A good start. Also disappointed to learn that the Japanese are Ritz eaters.

Had a beer and fell asleep fully clothed.