Day 5

We started this morning by walking to the Fresco supermarket to buy some breakfast, I got: a banana sandwich (which ended up having cream in it), egg and ham sandwiches and a yoghurt drink, with a suntory boss coffee of course. I've stayed away from eating the rice ball things you can buy for about ¥80-100 ($1.30) cause I got one in Tokyo and it was tuna...gross. We walked through Gion up to the Keninji temple and then the Kodaiji temple, I cant remember much about either already...a temple can just be a temple some times! It was about 32-33 degrees i think and the humidity just smashed me. I was hot, H O fuckin T hot and was just pouring out sweat. Took things kinda slow but it really made no difference, i think Dave was ok but once we had gone up the hill to Kyomizudera temple all i wanted to do was get home for a shirt change. Apparently the water at this temple has healing properties but there was a bit of a line and neither of us could be bothered.

We went back towards the hostel and noticed a love hotel (where people go for a very short stay, maybe an hour...). We kept walking and saw a nice looking young girl with a older guy walk past, it seemed odd so I watched them and yep, straight to the love hotel. Then another couple. Then another...1pm lunch love.

We got back to the hostel and sat in the air con and also met Yashi's wife. I changed into a Nike Fit Dry(tm) shirt and was comfortable for the rest of the day...those shirts are awesome (end plug).

So we went up to Demachiyanagi on the train and walked back south through the Imperial palace grounds which are kinda nice but just trees and grass really, pretty unremarkable apart from Syusui-tei pond which is a typical little Japanese pond with tea house or shrine. Stopped in at maccas for a yoghurt and berry mcflurry before walking to Nijojo castle which is where the feudal lords would meet the shogun back in the day. The castle has 'nightingale' floorboards which means they squeak when you walk on them, so the people inside couldn't be ambushed. The squeak sounds like the call of the nightingale, hence the name.

After that went for a wander through Nishikikoji food market and Taremachi market for a bit and then back to the hostel. We wandered around looking for dinner and went to a yakitori and skewer place which was really good. Got home after that and talked shit for a bit and then went to bed.