Day 9

Rude awakening this morning at 5:20am, getting up early to go toTsukiji fish market. I didn't go last time I was here so I was pretty determined to see it, I've seen great photos and heard good stories. Rainy morning and I think we got there about 6:30 or so which is a little bit late by fish market standards so they were in full swing when we got there.

It's organised chaos but at first you have no idea where you are or where everyone is going so quickly. Motorised trolleys, hand trolleys, bikes, trucks & people carrying styrofoam boxes all whiz past you from all directions and they don't give a fuck about you, it's all about getting the fish in and getting it sold and out of there. It all happens so quickly I didn't take many iPhone photos, but took some other really good ones (I thought).

The Market itself is really big (about 4 footy fields) and there is a crazy amount of fish coming in and out of there. Some of the tuna are about 150kg and they are massive and get moved from the auction room to the market buyers who then onsell to fish shops, restaurants etc. All the rest are there too: prawns, eels, octopus, squid, urchin, huge mussels & every type of fish but the tuna are the main drawcard for everybody. There's bits of fish everywhere but didn't smell at all. Saw lots of fish being cut, from nearly whole frozen tuna with a bandsaw (no gloves, no guard...bare hands) to individual buyers getting slabs of fresh tuna cut straight from the carcass. Was good fun, took at least 150 photos that I kept in about 2 hours. Only nearly got run over once, had all senses firing after that wakeup call.

After it started to die down a bit (8am) We walked from there to Ginza, which wasn't too bad except everything opens at 11am. So we got some brekky and then checked out the Tokyo International Forum. Really modern, cool building with conference halls and theatres inside and was definitely worth checking out. We went up to the Imperial Palace grounds after that which was a bit of a non event as the palace itself is in use and very secluded. Can't go wrong with a good moat though.

Back through to Ginza to see some of the shops open and to steal Apple's wifi for a bit. Also checked out the 'famous' Sony store which these days seems a bit...useless and old fashioned? Better off going to the electronic stores in Akihibara I thought.

Lots more walking and we ended up at a shrine and war museum. I was kinda over it at this point but it was interesting to see what japan's point of view was with certain world war events...different to the allied countries' view, that's for sure.

Back to shinjuku after that for lunch and hotel for a lie down. The night was pretty quiet due to lack of energy and mount fuji climb tomorrow night.