Day/Night 10 & Day 11

Not sure where to start, but fuji is a big mountain! Hot, cold, raining, windy, name it. I'm glad we climbed it at night (started at 9:30pm) because if I had have seen how big the thing actually was I'm sure I would have given up! Dealing with altitude effects (short term headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, lack of concentration) and literally climbing volcanic rock in the wet were other things we had to deal with. We climbed with an American couple who we met at the start of the climb, they were pretty cool, and a group of 4 was definitely better to climb with. It took us about 5 hours to get to the top, 3776m above sea level. There were a lot of people which sometimes halted our progress but that sometimes wasn't a bad thing as it allowed you to get your breath. It's pretty amazing looking back down over Tokyo at night, seeing how low those lights are and being so far above the clouds. It was physically the hardest thing that I've ever done, the girl we were with runs marathons and she said it was the hardest thing she has done too.

It was freezing at the top and we had a few hours to wait for sunrise, but the view was great and worth it in the end. The hardest part was getting off the bloody mountain, seeing in daylight how far we actually climbed and walking down about 10km of zig zagging gravel tracks. Fucking sucked.

The bottom station where we started was funny, people just completely crashed out after 12 hours of climbing and no sleep, lying in the main square. Grabbed 30 minutes sleep on the bus on the way home, walked around Shinjuku like zombies and now I've had about 2-3 hours sleep, but still exhausted at 9pm.

Didn't take many iphone photos, but what i did take are below.