Day 12

We were a bit sore today in the quads and calves and we slept in until about 11am and then headed to Seattle's Best coffee as usual. We just spent the day checking out Akihabara with the intent of finding figurines or retro video games to pick up. It was a relatively cool day (26-27), windy & rainy, the result of a typhoon that was moving up the west coast (Tokyo is not too far from the east coast). We stumbled upon a J-Pop star doing a live performance in the UDX building where the Tokyo Anime Centre is. There were about 200 people (mostly guys) singing, clapping, even dancing to this girl's songs. Japanese people quiet and reserved? Sometimes not so. Also in the area was some kind of manga day which was interesting and also drew a funny crowd of people. Then we checked out the anime centre which is pretty cool, but small....and not much in English!

Walked around figurine stores, game arcades and electronic stores for a few hours just checking things out. In one of the game arcades there was a line of people snaking up a stair case for at least 3 floors we assume waiting to play a particular game? Most were chatting or were glued to PSPs while waiting.

Had a late lunch of a Japanese spicy pork curry with rice and a boiled egg and a Kirin which hit the spot before heading back to the hotel. Had a few beers and a lie down and headed to Roppongi, the 'night life' district, especially for foreigners. If you've been to the cross, soho, rue de clichy in paris, amsterdam or any other nightlife area, it was like that if not worse. African guys just trying to get you into clubs for 'free drinks, entertainment and titties'. We lasted about 20 minutes and got out of there without spending a cent before heading back to the safety of Shinjuku bars.