Cyprus. This is a pirate island.

For those that don't know, I'm travelling with my big cousin Andy, we agreed years ago (I'm talking 10-15) that we would travel together one day. His dad, my uncle Tony, is from the Turkish side of Cyprus and has been there for the last few months.

The flights weren't actually that bad, the trip broken into 3 legs (syd - bangkok - dubai - larnaca) meant that we got a stretch every now and again and no flight was too long. Also, Dubai was pretty awesome to fly into and out of, it's really cool looking stuck between desert and ocean.

The immigration guy in Larnaca (on the Greek side of Cyprus) had a glance at my passport, stamped it and gave it back, not a word said. In no time we were sitting outside the airport in sunshine with Uncle Tony having a Turkish coffee & changing into thongs. Tony was telling us that Cyprus is a pirate island, where anybody and everybody does whatever they want.

We caught up for a bit and then we headed to Hala Sultan mosque which is where the Aunt of Mohammed is buried (approximately 2000 years ago). Next to it is a salt lake and it is said that it used to be a vineyard, she asked for grapes from a man and he refused, so she swore that the land would become salt.

From there we drove to the Kerima border crossing between Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus, which also has a UN buffer zone. An unofficial visa/stamped piece of paper and we were in. An afternoon tea of lamb and chicken and salad with Vişne Su (sour cherry drink) and we were off to Uncle Hassan and Aunty Şhenay's place near Girne. I lasted until about 6.15pm and I uttered the famous words "I'm gonna have a quick lie down". Slept for 12 hours.

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