Day 2 - Cyprus

Since we missed actually seeing Hassan and Şhenay last night it was great to see them in the morning. I haven't seen them for 15 years so it was good to sit and talk with them, and they could possibly be the nicest and most generous people on the planet (şhenay is also the world's best cook). We had fresh figs, chai tea, sausages, baked beans, eggs, toast, helim cheese, olives, lokma (fried donuts things with orange blossom water flavouring) & Turkish coffee for breakfast. Not long after was Baklava, the size of pizza slices. The morning was then spent playing tuvla (backgammon). Hassan gave us a tour of his garden too, he grows everything from olives, grapes, grapefruit to bananas and figs and all sorts of other things.

We were then off to the beach for a few hours. It's a small European style beach where you pay for a sunbed and the water is a nice warm and really salty, the fish nibble your ankles and toes too. Spent a bit of time in the sun on the pontoon and then another Turkish coffee by the water. Summer is all but over but there are still some English tourists around, nothing to be too worried about though. One thing I did notice though was that for an island there is a uprising amount of unused land. Some of it is quite rocky and not useable, but there is still some land that could be built on. Maybe it's just a hangover from being in japan recently.

Back to the house to watch some Al Jazeeeer with uncle Tony before having Şhenay's famous Kentucky Fried Chicken with dolma, stuffed zucchini, salad and a few Efes beers in front of the sun setting behind the mountains. It's been pretty hot during the day, no idea how hot but enough to get a bit brown in 2 days. At night it cools down a little bit with the sea breeze, but it's just cool enough for shorts and a hoody. Fresh peaches and ice cream for dessert before a bit more backgammon and then bed.

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