Day 4 - Cyprus

This morning we had karpuz (watermelon), boiled eggs, helim, cucumber, tomato, rocket and bread for breakfast. The biggest discovery has been Visne Reçeli,
- sour cherry jam with whole cherries. Definitely looking for that when I get home.

The Turkish culture is that the kitchen work is women's work, but we've been able to sneak in helping a few times. Whether its just setting or clearing the table, or drying dishes. Şhenay always eats last too, and is first to get up and get dessert or clear through table, so sometimes you have to be quick to get in first.

The rest of the day was pretty much spent at Shayan beach, not far from the house. Lots of sitting, swimming, reading and coffee. Boring blog material, but I really just did jack shit and relaxed.

We helped Hassan move some piping in the afternoon and then sat out the back with a few Efes beers and had homemade helim ravioli with a mint sauce for dinner, a nice refreshing summer pasta. We had besmit (carob molasses cake) for dessert and then some more tavla before bed.

I've been a bit light on the cultural learning, differences etc in the blog and I can't work out why. Maybe cause we've spent so much time with family. Or maybe because my family has always had the Turkish influence because of Tony, that this doesn't really feel that different at all.

To be honest, I don't feel like I've started travelling yet.