Day 5 - Cyprus

We were up early today so we could say goodbye to Hassan & Şhenay who were flying to London. It was a shame to have to say goodbye so quickly but I was really happy to spend time with them at all.

We had a breakfast of helim, cucumber, tomato, bread and boiled eggs with a Nescafe. There seems to be two types of coffee here, Turkish and instant. Every Turkish coffee I've had has had sugar in it, too. Kinda looking forward to an espresso somewhere in Europe.

We had planned to go to St Hilarion which is a castle overlooking Kyrenia on the north coast. We got halfway up the mountain and the army guy told us it was closed until the afternoon. So we went to Bellapais Abbey which is an abbey built around 1200ad and yep, like most things it too is on a mountain overlooking the coast (not that I or anyone else is complaining!). It was a nice place and I'm glad I went there, even though my heart was only half in it. I think there is a fine line between being relaxed and lazy, and today I was just feeling lazy. The photography probably suffered the most but everyday can't be your day.

Andy and I did a bit of street walking and photo taking after a coffee and a homemade lemonade from a store. Tried to avoid the brits and germans, again.

One thing I have noticed is the hundreds of unfinished buildings there are scattered throughout the island. Most of them are just grey, concrete skeletons that sit there until the economy recovers well enough so people can afford to finish them I guess. If they weren't so grey you could almost mistake some of them for modern sculptures next to the sea.

The afternoon was spent at the beach a bit further west where we had been, it was a great place with really clear water and that nice blue colour when you swim underwater. When it clouded over we got our first internet since Saturday, a quick Facebook update, news catch up and blog upload and we were off home. We had a walk around Kyrenia harbour which was nice, but then had a completely unremarkable dinner in a tourist trap before going home to crash out.

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