Day 7 - Cyprus

After a long day in the car yesterday we had a bit of a sleep in and then sat in the sun for a few hours. When Uncle Tony finally got up about 12 we had some breakfast and then headed towards Nicosia in the car.

Cyprus is mainly dry and dusty with lots of limestone rocks and olive trees everywhere. It's not uncommon to see people picking olives from the trees in public places either. In most areas by the roadside there is a lot of rubbish. The island also has no recycling so there are empty water bottles everywhere.

On one of the mountains on the way to Nicosia there is a big Turkish Cypriot flag made from rocks (similar to the mount panorama sign), it's also lit up at night. Nothing spectacular, but it's also highly visible to the Greek Cypriot towns on the other side of the border. Must annoy the shit out of them each time they see it.

We got into Nicosia after getting lost and driving around the outskirts of the town centre for a while. It is the last split capital in the world, and it has a old & gritty feel to it. We spent a bit of time wandering the dusty back streets and now it started to feel like travelling again. Took a lot of photos and listened to Uncle Tony tell us stories about the buildings, what they were and what they are now. It was a good afternoon and unexpected.

We had a Turkish coffee in a khave (coffee) bar which had 3 groups of men (young & old) playing dominoes or cards. For a lot of them, this is their daily routine. After spending a bit of time in nicosia and seeing the fashion, cars and way people act around each other, western Sydney suddenly made a lot of sense.

We went to Andy's cousin Belma's for a beautiful dinner, as much shish kebab as you can eat. We spent the night talking to her husband Kemal and using he and Tony as interpreters when we needed. Dessert was baklava & ┼čerbiat (like baklava but I think it had a sweet semolina filling).

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