Day 10 - Cyprus

Started the day with a swim in the ocean, a nice way to start the day. Even though it was a bit overcast and cool (about 23) the water is still really nice and clear, and so blue underwater.

I blogged and Skyped for a bit, while on the phone I saw a car similar to a modern corolla pull up and 9 people got out of it. I put it down to the fact this is a pirate country and people just do whatever the fuck they want.

By the time I finished my massive breakfast at the restaurant it was 12:30. We were also having lunch there at 1:00. Shit. So we backed up: fresh calimari, salad, pickles, fresh beetroot, grilled yellow tail, squid, bread, helim, homous etc etc etc. I thought I could not eat another thing for a week and be ok, just wait until Barcelona or something. But leaving for Istanbul tomorrow and we haven't even had a doner kebab yet.

We said our goodbyes and drove back to Kyrenia. The thing about Cyprus is that there are so many different types of environments (if that's the right word). Bushy mountains, forests, plains, coastline, pine forests, rolling hills, rocky mountains, dusty cities, new highways, dirt roads...for a smallish place it has a lot to offer. A few times we've said that we could be in the NSW riverina, southern highlands, northern rivers, hunter valley. It just feels more like Australia than any other place I've been to. I don't mean that in a 'I could have stayed at home' way either.

Passed more and more half completed buildings. I can't work out why I'm so fascinated by them. What do you do with hundreds and hundreds of  concrete skeletons of houses when there is no money to finish them? Who will buy them? Will they ever be finished or will they just get knocked down? Passed a whole incomplete village today too. Will have to do a separate photo dump of all the photos I have taken of them.

We stopped just before sunset for a coffee and some Ruffles (hi Sean) and a chance to dip the toes in the water one last time.

In Kyrenia we had a final reminder of the pirate island traffic, it's quite funny to watch and never really unsafe. No blinkers, left hand drive, right hand drive, people pulling out without looking, no lines at traffic lights to stop at, can't see the traffic lights when you're stopped, drivers on mobile phones. But it all works, maybe Australia is a little too regulated for its own good.

Sat out the front of the house eating dinner with a few beers & baklava, cousin Abdullah turned up and we talked shit for a few hours before bed.

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