Day 17 - Barcelona

We tried to get up early and get to Sagrada Familia, a church designed by Anton Gaudi but is still under construction. I think it's been a work of progress for about 40 years now. We had a coffee and chocolate croissant at a nice little coffee bar with really nice staff and local patrons in Universitat station before getting the metro up to the church.

We had a look at the church and did a lap to see the 3 different facade, but it turns out we weren't early enough as the line to get in was about 100m long. No attraction is worth the time that takes, there's a city that's waiting to be explored. So add that one to the list of places I've been to, but not inside. Other places include the Louvre and Eiffel Tower.

The rest of the day is boring reading, but we just spent the whole day walking the area out of the centre part of the city. Walked a lot of kilometres. But we saw how the locals actually live, shop, work etc which makes it worthwhile. I think we were the only outsiders in about a 1-2 kilometre radius. Saw more cool shops, including an awesome sneaker store where Andy picked up a pair of more suitable walking shoes.

From there we went to the other side of town to the Museum of National Art of Catalunya. In there they have built huge modern spaces in which they have reconstructed a number of churches and they have the original artwork that we assume they have ripped out of the original building somehow. It's a pretty crazy idea, and looks really cool. So you can basically visit about 5-10 churches in one building in the city, instead of travelling around the region and leaving the artwork to the mercy of thieves and graffiti artists. I'm not sure if my description makes sense....the bigger picture below may help. Speaking of pictures, today was like a bad hair day but instead was a bad photo day. I think took about 20-30 photos and about 10 were passable...maybe 4-5 keepers.

There are 4 exhibitions in the museum and we lasted 2, there's just way too much artwork. So we alked through Poble Sec and went back towards home. But not before eating about €15 worth of baked goods (and the food is quite cheap). Then back home for a beer and siesta.

We went down to Barceloneta which is near the water for dinner, had some tapas in one place and then had lobster paella at another...yep, doing it tough. Finished the night with a Whiskey Sour at a bar called Ginger in the old part of town. A really cool place and the drinks are free poured so you only need 1 or 2 and you're well on your way. Haven't really seen a lot of evidence of the crazy nightlife I've heard about here, but it is autumn and early in the week. We heard it picks up later on in the week, there's some advice for those thinking of coming here!

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