Day 19 - Barcelona to Budapest

Travel day. We had a lunchtime flight to Budapest today, and it was good timing as Barcelona had clouded over along with a drop in temperature. We had a really good time there, some observations that I haven't mentioned yet: lots of graffiti and art on shop roller doors, skinned and unskinned rabbits for sale in the markets, very few convenience stores, clean streets, people selling alcohol on the street after the licensed shops were no longer able to sell.

Our 2 hour flight was a nice trip over the Italian alps and ended with a steep and very rough descent, plane lurching from side to side and ascending and then descending again during the landing. Andy and I both tightened our seatbelts and said our goodbyes, but we landed into Budapest ok in the end.

We were pretty unprepared for Budapest. We knew no Hungarian, didn't know how to get to the city and had no Hungarian currency...but that's half the fun of travelling. We got a bus to some metro station somewhere, then after a bit of time spent working out the system, a train to Nyugati Palyaudvar station in Budapest. It was quite warm in the sun, but still only about 15 degrees. It's great to be back in central Europe where everything is really nice, but a little beat up. The metro train must be at least 40 years old, probably Soviet built. Buildings have peeling facades and are dirty from years of pollution and probably neglect, but it all has a certain charm about it.

We had some directions from my Aunty Nerrille and walked some way before getting too hungry and stopping in for some food and wifi. We waited in a tea house for a few hours until Nerrille had finished work. She arrived and we talked for a little bit before heading out into the cold, now that the sun was down.
After being in warmer places it was a bit of a shock to the system, when we went out for dinner I had a hoody, jeans & a scarf and I was freezing. But in the restaurant it was a balmy 25, everything is ridiculously overheated here. I'm not sure how they cope with the constant changes in temperature....and they're all rugged up like it's -15.

Had a great Hungarian style mixed grill with a Dreher beer and plenty of Paprika (also the name of the restaurant). Finished up with an apricot Palinka which is a local spirit...about 46% alcohol. At home we finally cracked open the Turkish Delight we had bought in Istanbul, we were surprised it lasted this long! Well worth the wait but I'm gonna need some serious exercise back home!

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