Day 23 - Budapest to Berlin

Nerrille made us a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, Slovakian sausage and cheese which Andy and I ate before walking up andressy to the Szechenyi baths. Similar in idea to the Turkish baths but these are communal and you can take as long as you want. It was about 10-15 degrees outside and we warmed up in a 30 degree bath for a bit before heading outside to the big thermal pool. It's hard to explain but it is kinda like a big fountain like you'd see in a park, but the fountain is at one side. It has jets of thermal spring water spraying into the 5 foot deep water, at about 40 degrees. Steam rises from the water and its quite a nice scene on a cool day, it would be even better in snow. Most people just hang out in the water, having a chat or switching between the 20 or so baths, plus saunas. We tried one sauna but it was 80-100 degrees...I think I burnt my arse sitting on the wood, through boardies and a double folded towel. We spent a good 2-3 hours there, it was a great way to spend the morning...really relaxing. Couldn't be bothered taking photos.

We said our goodbyes to Nerrille as we were flying to Berlin at 4.30pm. It was really great to spend time with her just a year after I saw her last time in Poland. We get along really well and I couldn't help but think it was too short a time, but that's the blessing and curse of travelling. Everything is temporary.

We arrived in Berlin at sunset to about 5-10 degrees...not so bad when you're rugged up but our train to the city was cancelled. So 40 minutes in the cold was kinda much for the German train system being like clockwork. We met Julia (Lisa's host when she lived in Germany, who now lives in Berlin) at Alexanderplatz and we checked into the hotel before getting the S Ban train to Sevigny to go to a Spätzle restaurant that she had heard was good.

Spätzle is like a doughy noodle that is kinda chewy and had a cheese and bacon sauce. It was very filling but not in the way where it made you feel sick. We washed that down with a Berliner Wiesse (beer and sweet syrup) and a Berliner Kindl beer. It struck me during dinner that only a few hours before I was in Budapest and before I knew it I was sitting in a suburban restaurant in Berlin. It's very cool what you can do in Europe.

Julia took us through the more upmarket shopping area called Ku'damm. It was a nice night but the breeze was absolutely freezing! We decided to have one last drink so got the train to Warschauerstrasse station and walked the graffiti covered streets and found a cool little cocktail bar which had people in it (it was a Monday night after all...). Unfortunately for us those people included 4 Australians who we managed to avoid. It's nice to be back in Berlin!

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