Day 25 - Berlin

Andy and I started the day in Warschauerstrasse and walked across the bridge (Oberbaumbrücke) to an area called Treptow for breakfast. We found a little bakery and had pastries and coffee using our shitty German, only to discover the woman was Turkish and we could have got a lot further that way. Not to worry. There is quite a lot of graffiti in this part of town so we walked around checking it out for a while, talking shit. Taking a photo of the paste up of the girl below, I had too much in my hands and somehow dropped my camera. Flash busted, lens busted but mostly useable, but who knows if there is any internal damage. Bit of a bummer but I was thinking a out getting a new one anyway and this one has served me well. The paste up girl shall be known as the patron saint of broken cameras.

We went back across the river and walked the east side gallery, a large part of the wall which was originally painted by artists in 1989-90 and then repainted last year while I was here. I think I prefer the random parts of the wall I found in the suburbs of Berlin last year, but it's a bit out of the way to go see. It was cold, a 3 layer day so after the walk we sat in Ostbanhof and treated ourselves to maccas in the warmth.

We got the train over to Zoologischer Garden and went to the Helmut Newton gallery. He was a famous fashion photographer and took some really cool photos, little did we realise that he was Australian. He died a few years ago and they now have his clothes, car, camera gear and a reconstruction of his lounge room which was pretty interesting.

After that we met Julia at Berlin Hauptbanhof station and went back to the Brandenburg gate to see it at night and to go up the Reichstag. It was a little bit rainy but we could still see the whole of the city. The Reichstag is an old building that is the main government/parliament building and has a modern glass dome on top. In the dome is a spiraling ramp going to the top and then back down again. It's a good place to get a 360 view of Berlin.

We were starving and Julia decided we were going to do as the Berliners do and have currywurst for dinner. We got the train to Yorckstrasse and stood with the locals on the street eating currywurst sausage with fries and mayo, with a beer of course. They eat this stuff before the drinking, instead of afterwards like we do. Couldn't ask for a better dinner really, and the sausages didn't make you feel like cap. Amazing.

Back to another corner of Berlin and we checked out Tacheles, an art community with bars and a club downstairs. In summer last year I had a really good time there and met a lot of locals on a warm night with lots of live music. This time it was a much darker vibe, not many people (mostly tourists) and it felt a bit cold and unwelcoming. We didn't really stay too long, instead opting for a cocktail across the road before going home.

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