London catchups, suburban life

I've spent a big amount of time in London just hanging out with Kaz, Benji and Andy which has been really nice. After the weekend we took it easy on Monday and just walked around what they call 'the common' which is a big park. There are loads of them around London and you soon forget where you are when you're walking on the fallen leaves through trees, looking at the squirrels and the sunset. We had a really nice Mexican dinner at home with Kenan and Kaz with Coronas (which are way better than the Aussie brewed Coronas too). Andy and I spent Wednesday in London just walking about, drinking coffee after coffee (Bar Italia and Flat White in Soho being the picks) and checked out the National Portrait Gallery for a bit too. There was a tube strike on so it was a bit of mayhem but we got around ok, just took a bit longer if you needed to go somewhere that doesn't have buses or overground. I noticed businessmen and other people riding around the city on bikes too. Like the other European cities, London now has bike racks around the fringes of the CBD that you can hire for really cheap (first half hour is free too). Makes so much sense, and the traffic seems a lot more tolerant to slow moving or stopped vehicles, bikes and pedestrians. image image image image image image image image image image image