Roswell - San Antonio, Tx.

For all the 'history' and myth of Roswell, it was just another American town except with 1200% more Alien paraphernalia. We were a couple of days behind where we planned to be in Roswell, so we made the decision to drive a bit more and stop less than we usually would. For about 3 days it was a blur of straight road, ghost towns, cheap hotels and cheaper food. We stopped off at Carlsbad Caverns which is amazing to see, awesome to photograph but pretty ordinary when you look back at the photos (especially if you don't know what you're looking at). It's a cavern 75 storeys underground and I think the biggest cavern space is about the size of 16 football fields...pretty amazing. I don't have too many photos to prove it, but New Mexico and West Texas are just flat and empty...which is what I came to see anyway. West Texas gets a little more interesting with pumpjacks nodding away by the roadside, but it's still 80-90 miles between towns and a lot of low scrub. What I didn't come to see was a 1.5m snake when I was checking out some abandoned shack thing. Judging by the speed at which he took off I'm pretty sure both our hearts were racing.