Bayou Coquille: Jean Lafitte National Park, Louisiana.

We drove down to Jean Lefitte National Park because I had been having withdrawals after a few weeks without getting out there. We did the Bayou Coquille trail which is a 4 mile return walk but you literally walk the bayou on a boardwalk less than a foot above the swamp for a good portion of that. In all of the photos below, none of that is dry land. There is a constant feeling that you're being watched as the swamp is pretty thick and like the desert you see more in the corner of your eye than in front of you. It was super hot and super humid but I figured that's what a walk through the bayou should be like. Add to that some rolling thunder overhead and it was a really good experience. Alligators will definitely check you out and wait until you leave before getting back to business. The closest one got to us was about 1.5m away, only a little one but we figured its Mom (I'm in the USA) wouldn't be too far away. The biggest we saw was probably about 2m long but that was big enough for us, keep in mind there are no fences on the trail.

So, how's the nature?

The count: Alligators - 5 Geckos - 3 Snakes - 1 Frogs - 2 Turtles - 3 Unidentified Mammals - 2 Dragonflies - hundreds Wildlife that we didn't see but probably watching us from the swamp - thousands

To make any sense of these you'll probably have to click to view large.

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