New Orleans, LA.

Too much to say about this city, but I will say it's obviously still scarred by Hurricane Katrina and the others shortly after it. It's pretty crazy to drive through areas which were devastated and lots of people died, to drive on the Interstate bridges where 8 years ago I saw photos of families living. The photos below of the overgrown streets are in the worst hit areas, some people have rebuilt but that used to be nice suburban neighbourhoods by the shipping lanes of New Orleans. The people of that city went through so much shit, yet they're still kicking. All that doesn't define the place today though, it seems like it was just something that happened. N.O. has the shittest roads on average of every city I've ever been in, and a lot of the houses are pretty beat up too. Across the street though you'll find some crazy big european style mansions. If you get away from Bourbon Street (which a lot of people don't) it's a slow-paced and friendly city and you can catch a good jazz band at any number of bars for free at pretty much every hour of the day. Good local beer, good food....what's not to like? Oh yeah the heat and humidity.

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