Fishing at Allatoona Lake. Cartersville, GA.

Somewhere in a desert I decided that I hadn't been fishing for a while, and I mentioned to Kym that we should go. So a month later and she had secretly organised for us to go on on a fishing charter with Orion Fishing Charters in Red Top Mountain National Park for my birthday. It was awesome, I think in all we caught about 15 fish between us in 4 hours and all of a good keepable size. We had no way to keep/cook them so any that weren't hurt we threw back. The biggest of the day went to Kym: a Striper at 15 pounds, mine was 9.2. We had about 5-6 lines in the water most times and at one point we had 3 lines with fish on them at the same time! We mostly caught Bass and Striper, although we saw a good sized sneaky Garfish swimming about who we think kept cutting our lines and taking the bait. A++ would fish again. This reads like a primary school kid's show and tell.

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