The one when I got fat in America (and some other notes).

A few people told me they didn't want to go to the USA because of the big cities, the traffic and the people. My advice is to get on a plane to San Francisco, stay in the airport hotel and drive South-East until you hit the water again. And not that I've done this (yet…?) but you could drive from Seattle to San Francisco. You won't see any traffic, megacities or obnoxious movie-style americans. But you will see a ton of cool stuff, amazing country-side that I think beats anywhere else in the world. Some Americans are crazy, I won't deny that. We came across a few along the way and heard some stories as well. Obama isn't well liked and either is his healthcare plan. Some people have been to the next state over but have no desire to go anywhere else, because they just love where they live. They find people like us who travel from the other side of the planet interesting and don't really understand why you would come this far ("Don't you love where you live?").

Everyone told me that by spending so much time in America I'll get fat. Well, it's 3 months later & I kinda did but not for the reasons most people would suspect. It wasn't from eating shitty burgers, sugar coated cereal and drinking soda 3 meals a day...the food here is just so good. Sometimes in a small town after 9pm you can get stuck with McDonald's (only happened to us once) but generally the Foursquare app found us awesome food 2-3 times a day across the whole country. We ate Mexican in most cities and San Francisco probably had the best although the Cuban/Mexican place in NYC gives it a run for its money.

And there's the beer. You could travel the states for few years and still not run out of new ones to try. They love IPA and ales, hard to argue. The bourbon here is taken seriously too, I haven't drunk it since I was 21 but am a born-again bourbon enthusiast.

So anyway seeing how long the fast food drive-thru lines are and looking at what some people fill their shopping carts with in Walmart it's pretty easy to see how they end up in a bad situation. Frozen meals are generally what some people eat and it is pretty cheap, but so so nasty. If you go to a diner/restaurant you can usually get a soda for about $2 which includes unlimited refills. I chose to eat the good shit, and now I know the difference between South Carolina & Texas BBQ. That's also why I'm sitting on a plane to Canada about 5 kilos heavier.

Here are some photos of stuff that I ate along the way, plus a bonus photo of my soon to be shrinking Ameri-pudge.