So, when does a travel blog become just become a blog?

We've made Vancouver our new home and we're still in unfamiliar territory, but it doesn't feel like we're travelling anymore. We're in another Western, Commonwealth country and what's different from Australia? A lot. All those little things that are different are the ones that are the most surprising. Like only being able to use a certain type of card at particular ATMs, or learning new names for everything (it's not a beanie or a ski hat, it's a touque). Like the USA, people will talk to you on the street or in a store and be interested in what you are actually saying....not just conversing as a neccessity to the transaction.

Coming from Sydney, Vancouver isn't as expensive as the locals make it out to be. Compared to other parts of Canada and the USA it's probably pretty harsh be we often laugh when people give us examples of how things are so expensive here. The income is less but it doesn't seem to be too bad comparitively. We can get a big bento box in a Sushi place for $6.50, an all day breakfast for $3 and a six pack of beer for $10.

For the past week or so it's pretty much been foggy everyday, not a light fog but the kind that eventually sticks to you if you spend too long in it. When you buy clothes here you're not looking for too much warmth, but for some kind of protection from fog/mist/rain. We do the 8km ride around Stanley Park and when I'm riding through that thick fog for long enough, it even starts to drip from my helmet (and beard!). It does add a bit of mystery to the trees though, and it's kinda nice hearing the ships blow their foghorns way off in the distance as they come through the channel.

We've spent heaps of money (well, credit!) on winter gear and getting ourselves ready for the big 4 months of rain that they say will be here in about a month. Waterproof jackets, pants, gloves, bike fenders, bags, shoes etc etc etc. At the moment it hits about 11-12 degrees maximum during the day and it's not even cold yet.