Vancouver, March 2014.

So I haven't written in a while. I'm working full-time and have been skiing one or two days a weekend so I haven't had much time. I have hardly even picked up the camera, I have only taken about 100 photos on my camera since October last year. Anyway, this is going to be a brain dump so be warned. We've been to Seattle & Kamloops and we've skied Cypress Mountain, Whistler Blackcomb & Sun Peaks. I've progressed from not knowing how to put skis on, to going down Blues & a Black, so that's where our time has gone. Here's some of the photos from winter. Kamloops is kinda nice, an industrial/agricultural town about 4 hours drive east of Vancouver. The road goes via the Coquihalla, which has been made famous by the show 'Highway thru Hell'. It's a show about a tow truck business pulling trucks and cars out of snow, from cliffs, from their roofs etc etc. It's a dangerous highway and this time we got stuck in 30cm of snow, if we had seen that show I wouldn't have driven....but there we were; in a truck pull-out at night surrounded by semi-trailers and b-doubles. I was on my hands and knees putting snow chains on in a blizzard, we were just lucky it wasn't cold. And by cold I mean Canadian cold, it was 0°C. Anyway, we made it home alive but 3 didn't that night.

So, what's day-to-day life like, now that we've been here a while? It's nice to be able to live in a city where you can actually live in the downtown area and walk to work. I could ride there in about 10 minutes and not break a sweat, but the rain makes that more effort than it's worth. It's quite a compact city anyway, it's rare that you would get a cab from one end of town to another on a night out. Last week I walked from work to the hockey and then walked home again. A seat at the hockey is super expensive compared to the NRL, but it's also a way nicer experience. The Canucks aren't doing that well at the moment so it's a good time to pick up cheap seats on Craigslist like we did the other week.

The winter olympics were big here but it seemed to be mostly a hockey tournament with curling and a bunch of minor supporting events. It got people talking anyway, which isn't really that hard here sometimes. It's the kind of place where people will speak to you on the street, ask you about something you're wearing or how the snow was if you're carrying skis. I randomly got talking to some guy a few months ago while waiting to cross the street and then ended up talking for a few minutes after we crossed. It ended in introducing ourselves and shaking hands. Weird. A bar is still the best place to hear some good stories though, I sat at the local sports bar next to an old guy for the Super Bowl and he proceeded to tell me all his war stories from living in Florida in the 80s.

Spring is coming and it's already hitting 10°C, time to break out the shorts!

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